About a nerd
Name: Erin / Imre (either is fine, idc)
Nicknames: Rin / Ray / Eri
Pronouns: They/them or he/him
Basics: 17 years old / Questioning / ISTP / Aries / Single
Detailed: 4w5 / Chaotic good / 5'7 / Choleric/phlegmatic
Aries (sun) Libra (moon) Leo (rising) ;;;if you believe in this stuff. But it sums me up pp well

Hey heyy !!! I'm just gonna get right into the gritty stuff bc I've always sucked at starting convos and writing- first things first to know about me~! I'm a fckin moody hermit who tends to flirt and make puns a lot.,,,, a lot. And I love playing rpg games, thinking abt space and stars or reading comic books (mostly dc and a bit of marvel). When I'm not lazy I'll probably do a bit of coding or actually get on with art and life ~!!!! Batman is my one true hero and I practically worship him along with Minhyuk Lee from MONSTA X,, like,,, phoohwie,,, And also Selina Kyle,, PHOOWIE

English is TECHNICALLY my first language, but I'm barely fluent on good days- I also speak a biittt of spanish, korean and vvv basic te reo/maori. I have a couple kin, the biggest ones are Saeyoung (mystic messenger) Lance (voltron) and Vaporeon (pokemon). I don't care for doubles except maybe Lance ! If you synpath with them or have a friend tht does, that's srsly fine ! ;0 Most of them are a bit on and off and I think of kin pp chilled. I can't really think of anything else you might need to know abt me !? Like tht's it. Me summed up. No need to even speak to me, u know everything. But feel free to talk to me anyway ;) we can discuss things abt you ;)

(my friend slapped me after I said I wrote this in my abt)